October 2014 Activities Report

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Continuing transgender therapy meetings

The 18th meeting of group therapy for transgender individuals, coordinated voluntarily by SPoD LGBTI’s activist Hayat Çelik and Psychiatrist Seven Kaptan, took place on October 8th at the SPoD office. 15 people participated in the meeting.

The group therapy aims to create solidarity for transgender individuals’ common problems, allow them to exchange their experiences, and help them complete their gender reassignment process easier.

The therapy takes place every first Wednesday of the month at SPoD LGBTI’s office in Beyoglu, Istanbul.


LGBTIs with Disabilities Group meets with volunteers

 LGBTIs with Disabilities in SPoD LGBTI had its first meeting with volunteers. The group aims to make a connection between disabled LGBTIs, discuss their problems, and start new projects.

 The group started working on new projects after the meeting.

 To learn more about their work:

@engellilgbti, engellilgbti.tumblr.com, engellilgbti@spod.org.tr


LGBTI Activists participate in a television show


SPoD LGBTI’s Board Member Rozerin Seda Kip, Psychiatrist Seven Kaptan, and LGBTI Individuals’ Families and Relatives Group (LİSTAG) were on the TV show Ekmek ve Gül on Hayat TV on October 20th.


SPoD LGBTI’s intervention for the Meis Sitesi case


SPoD LGBTI has started to intervene the Meis Sitesi case with their lawyers Rozerin Seda Kip, Fırat Söyle, and Ezgi Şeref. The lawsuit trial took place on October 22nd at the Küçükçekmece 9th Criminal Court of First Instance.

 The Meis Sitesi case is about the violence against transgender people’s housing rights in the Meis Complex in Avcilar, Istanbul.

 There was no result in the trial, which is delayed until February 13th 2015.  


SPoD LGBTI’s second academic seminar


SPoD LGBTI Academic Studies Group held their second seminar on October 25th and 26th at the Findikli campus of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

In the first day of the seminar, sociologist Mehmet Bozok from Maltepe University talked about masculinities with the example of the city of Trabzon, lawyer Selin Pürselim Arning from Marmara University talked about ‘registered civil union’ applications in Western countries, and historian Laden Yurttagüler from Istanbul Bilgi University spoke about ‘unnatural’ sexualities and gender identities in magazines and newspapers in Turkey in the 1950s.

In the second day communication specialist Burcu Şenel from Hacettepe University gave a presentation about her thesis on sexual orientation discrimination and lesbian and bisexual women’s resistance in Turkey, author and literature researcher Serdar Soydan talked about LGBT characters in the Tanzimat and Early Republic eras, and T-Der’s lawyer, Sinem Hun, gave a talk on the law of ‘gender reassignment’ in the Civil Code in Turkey.

The goal of the academic seminars is to create communication between academia and the LGBTI movement in Turkey.

 To learn more about the group: akademi@spod.org.tr


SPoD workshop for mental health specialists


SPoD LGBTI held the first in a series of workshops on ‘approaches to working with sexual orientation and gender identity’ for mental health specialists and students on October 25th and 26th at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Santral campus. The series will take a total of 40 hours. The second workshop will take place on December 6th and 7th with the subject ‘consideration and follow-up on sexual orientation’, and the participations will gain a certificate.

For further information: psikoterapi@spod.org.tr


Deputy Melda Onur of the CHP tabled the parliamentary question due to violation against transgender individuals written by SPoD LGBTI’s help


Melda Onur, the Istanbul deputy from the Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP), tabled a parliamentary question to highlight violence against transgender people.

The question was prepared with the help of SPoD LGBTI, and it underlines that there are increasing violence against transgender people. Onur also asked if there are any arrangements to include transgender people in the law against hate crimes.